My New Project

2009-07-14 10:50:16 by GCK

In my last update I posted some concept art for a possible animation. Since then I have thrown together a minimalistic trailer to experiment with the style of mood of the piece. I would really appreciate some feedback and critiques of what I have to show off.

Thanks, and enjoy.

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Some Concept Art

2009-06-16 10:39:32 by GCK

Back in November I thought up an idea for a new animation. I even wrote a rough treatment for it, but I never developed it further.

Anyway, I have had some free time and I thought I would do a color version of some concept art for the project. Here it is. I know it's not much to go on, but is there any interest in seeing this developed any further?

Some Concept Art

What have I created?!

2008-09-25 18:48:51 by GCK

So, summer has come to a close and I never finished that No More Heroes fan art. I think it's pretty safe to say that I have abandoned that project. Instead, I spent my summer creating this four page monstrosity. I've put the first page of the comic with this post. I cannot figure out how to post multiple images so you will have to go to my DeviantArt page if you want see the full size images and the other three comics. There should be a link to it on the contact section of this newgrounds profile.

Plus you will also be able to see another drawing that I just finished yesterday. So go check it out if you want.

In animation news, I still don't have any. ¬.¬ I'm still tossing some ideas around in my head, but I have not found the energy to work on any animations. Sorry.

Any way, I hope you all like what I have been doing though. :)


What have I created?!

Any Ideas?

2008-05-30 17:10:46 by GCK

I've been working on this little drawing or a few weeks, but I was sidetracked when I went to Chicago a few weeks ago. I really haven't been in the mood to work on it since. It's supposed to be Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes; my intention was to have him running away from the beam move that Destroyman uses. I'm not sure if I will finish it, but I thought it would be a fun thing to share since I really liked how character came out. Plus it's always fun doing a drawing with a bit more detail than I would put into an animation.

Anyway, after a few months of a break from even thinking about animating, I'm slowly getting in the mood to work on a new animation. At the least, I'm in the mood for the planning stages (brain storming, researching, writing, and storyboarding). The only problem I have is I'm not sure what I want to do. So far, I have two ideas.

My first idea is a serious short, but I only have 1/2 to 1/3 of it thought out. Right now it's more experimental because it doesn't follow any traditional models for a story line. What I mean is that it would be more of a day in the life of a character who is presented with an issue, but he or she is too young to understand it.

My second idea is a comedic short that would tie into other work that I've done. This idea follows the traditional ideas for storyline and I have the basic plot points all thought out. The issue with this idea is that that humor is very bathroom and juvenile.

So, does anyone have any preference of what they would like to see? I know I'm being very vague, but I really don't want to discuss too many of the details right now because I might not do either of these ideas.


Any Ideas?